Health is a personal, environmental, social and national concern. It is an essential factor in the production capacity of people and a major criterion in determining the status of the country and its interest in its citizens. Therefore, the UAE has taken care of full health issues in order to be able to work and give unconditionally.

Since its inception, the UAE has sought to provide free health services to its citizens and residents alike. The country has also contributed to the development of these services day after day, and today it has become one of the most advanced health care services in the world.. Hospitals, specialized clinics and recovery centers, and preventive medicine receives multiple cases, in all disciplines, are everywhere, which proves that the Foundation was keen to support this national humanitarian axis with various means of support.

It has begun to provide assistance to the disabled patients, provided many of them with health card fees, and then developed its work to cooperate with hospitals, health institutions, associations and bodies sponsoring medical assistance such as the Emirates Red Crescent and other social associations active in the health service and nationwide in all its cities and emirates

 Thus, the Foundation contributes to the promotion of health funds and feeds them so that the hospitals are ready to receive the cases due for treatment, without the possibility to pay the sums, especially in difficult cases.

The most important contribution of the Foundation in the field of research in health, was its contribution of $ 3 million to the Zayed International Center for Research and Health Studies, in cooperation with the University of United Arab Emirates.

In order to make this amount a charitable reserve whose revenues are attributed to scientific research specialized in the study of diseases especially in the UAE and the Gulf region in general. The Foundation’s efforts are not limited to the health goal of providing assistance and support to the health authorities inside the country. It have contributed more to the countries in need throughout the years and have build hospitals in Yemen, Palestine and some of its major health achievements, which are today health beacons, such as a Maternity and Childhood hospital in the city of Sana’a, Yemen and in Kabul, an eye treatment center in Gambia, a cancer hospital in Cairo, a clinic in Palestine and a renovation of some other projects plus The Faculty of optics and nursing at ِAlNajah University in Nablus, Palestine. As well as the continued support to Makassed Hospital in Jerusalem, Palestine.

The vaccination project that the foundation have supported contributes to the children of Palestine for three years was one of its most important preventive projects. The Foundation have initiated this vaccine for children for the first time in collaboration with the Palestinian Ministry of Health and R.V.F.