Foundation Roles

Zayed Foundation seeks to achieve its goals, vision and mission through implementing its Scientific, Practical, Social and National Roles:

1. Spreading Charity Culture through the initiatives, studies and scientific research

2. The importance of giving with dignity.

3. Consolidate the spirit of giving.

4. The Value of Giving.

Scientific Role

1. Apply best practices in humanitarian work through the institutional work.

2. Work on developing the skills of staff.

3. Promoting voluntary work

4. Achieve the best returns on investment.

5. Establish and promote corporate values ​​and apply the system of governance.

6. Spreading the benefits to all segments of society.

Practical Role

1. Interaction with the community in humanitarian action through participation in exhibitions and conferences.

2. Membership in the humanitarian organizations inside and outside UAE.

3. Implementing the Social responsibility

4. Encourage individuals to self-reliance and participating in the Voluntary Work.

5. Consolidate the community values.

6. Assist people in securing the necessary requirements.

Social Role

1. Apply the Government Policy on humanitarian work.

2. Coordinate with the concerned authorities in the national initiatives.

3. Participate in national and international projects and programs.

4. Contribute in documenting and publishing the work of Sheikh Zayed, and national achievements.

5. Collaborate with partners in National programs for the benefit of the country.

National Role

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