collage22323232131232“And whatever good you send forth for your souls you shall find it in Allah’s Presence” translated from the source –  Abdulla Yusuf Ali

Many parts of the world are plagued by natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes, floods and droughts, which may cover vast areas of cities and villages, and cause hundreds of thousands of people to be displaced and outcasts in difficult climatic and stifling living conditions.

The ravages of devastating wars that many peoples of the world are living in are also causing enormous diseases, epidemics and destruction, and social and economic pests that are under the fire of many refugees and displaced persons seeking shelter, food, drink, clothing and other elements of life.

These cases call on humanitarian and international organizations to urgently assist those in need of sickness, handicapped, wounded and hungry and to intensify their role in the rescue of those affected by these destructive scourges.

The humanitarian outlook of the late Sheikh Zayed – may his soul rest in peace – was one of the most effective initiatives to meet these situations, which was a matter of its success and the fulfillment of the call of duty and the human conscience.
The Foundation continued to work on its approach to meet the national appeal issued by the UAE government to extend assistance to the affected groups, in cooperation and coordination with the concerned authorities in the country, especially the Emirates Red Crescent Authority and has been involved with it in providing assistance to the affected areas, including these cases (the floods of Pakistan – Bosnia and Herzegovina and the tsunami that struck India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines), and today Syria and Iraq and during the Libyan war.

Perhaps the most that the Foundation has provided in Palestine, where it contributed to the reconstruction of schools, clinics and hospitals and provide food and water.

The Foundation has not only responded to the national appeal for relief, but has been and continues to provide relief assistance and participated in the numerous delegations to the refugee camps in the Kingdom of Jordan and others.
In Ramadan, it extended its assistance to most refugees through the Ramadan iftar Program and the Suqia UAE Project at the invitation of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE.

The Foundation considers relief work to be one of the priorities of its humanitarian work because it is a lofty goal and a humane position in which the organization keep on inventing and preparing initiatives one after another to help affected many countries in the world, especially the Middle East.

The Foundation has sought to conclude agreements and memorandums of understanding with several international bodies and institutions sponsoring this issue: UNESCO, UNRWA, WHO, OIC, MSF and international development organizations, United Nations, ESCWA and ALCO.