Miscellaneous Assistance

kkkThe Good in me and my nation will last until the day of Resurrection – Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.S peace be upon him.
Charitable work is a noble goal not limited to individuals and associations, but is carried out by large numbers of segments of society at the level of the wealthy and institutions, especially according to the Islamic Waqf system.

That the principles of Islam tolerance, has opened the doors of charitable work in various fields to provide a decent life for humanization, and appointed him to live decent.

Zakat, charity, donations, and acts of waqf initiated by Islam are wide fountains which the donor asks for forgiveness and mercy, without giving or growing up, but it is self-gratifying, provided by the donor for the safety of the heart and reassurance of the soul, and the arrogance of the chest.

And charity work was and still is one of the earliest works to God has not faltered by Muslims in general since the age of prophecy to this day in many forms, including the secret because the donor does not want his charity except the face of God, do not know the north spent his right and the public to be a call for people to contribute collectively In this work, the late Sheikh Zayed organized his charitable work by giving generous gifts to individuals, patients and needy.