Charitable work

To contribute in the establishment and support of cultural and scientific research centers and institutions that are concerned with raising awareness and the true definition of the teachings of the religion Islam, its literature and heritage, and the contributions of scientists in the development of human civilization.


To contribute in the establishment and support of schools and institutes of public and higher education, scientific research centers, public libraries and vocational training institutions, providing scholarships, and support the efforts of authoring, translation and publishing.



To contribute to the establishment and support of hospitals, dispensaries, health rehabilitation homes, medical ambulance societies, orphanages, childcare centers, senior citizens’ centers and special needs.



To contribute to the relief of the affected areas due to natural and social disasters such as famines, earthquakes, floods, storms and gales, and support research and efforts to monitor their the probability of occurrences and reserves to confront and contain them.



The establishment of local and international scientific awards that honor scientists, researchers and community service personnel that are providing studies, discoveries or pioneering scientific efforts to push the harmful and bring interests and achieve progress and prosperity for human beings